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The Anomaly Foundation (Fundación Anomalía) is a not-for-profit organization created in 1997 by a number of experienced Spanish UFO researchers. It is directly supported by a large group of students and investigators gathered together the well-respected journal Cuadernos de Ufología. The team has agreed to donate and share a rich patrimony which main assets are a huge library, an uncomparable archive and a sustainable budget. It is the only such organization in Spain and it represents the biggest financial and organizational effort in the history of the Spanish ufology.

Chapter 5 of the Rules and Regulations of Anomaly Foundation reads:

“The objective and aim of the Foundation is the promotion of the study of the influences that new developments in science and technology, scientific anomalies, or simply the marvellous, have upon the popular culture, as well as the social responses they generate; the preservation of archives, libraries and cultural legacies related to these matters; the reporting of its activities through its publications and any other means; and the facilitation of grants, scholarships and prizes to fund the research.”
Board meeting in Valencia (2001).

The Anomaly Foundation was raised within the “Cuadernos Collective”, a loose group of investigators formed by University-trained individuals and other professionals and by a number of UFO organizations like RNC (Seville), CEI (Barcelona), CIOVE (Santander), GEIFO (Cádiz) and others which surrounded the 1983-started publication Cuadernos de Ufología, a journal that today has become a clear reference of the critical (i.e., non-credulous) ufology. The Foundation was founded July 12, 1996 under official notary and it was approved by the Spanish Ministry of Culture on January 7, 1997. It is governed by a Board (called “Patronato”) of specialists, backed-up by a group of consultants in different fields.

In the creation of the Foundation, several personal and group libraries were donated to form the assets of this common initiative, amounting to over 1,200 volumes; nine major national UFO archives: Andalcat (Andalucía), CEI-Madrid, CdU, CATCAN (Canary Islands), CIOPA (Asturias), CASUIB (Balearic Islands), Manuel Osuna files, UMMO files, and Spanish Air Force declassified UFO files; an extensive documentation of journals, photographic archives, computer equipment, and the heading of Cuadernos de Ufología, which became the first official publication of Anomaly Foundation, a unique journal of its characteristics in Spain.

Since its inception, the Anomaly Foundation has strived to promote a quality UFO research through the yielding of many grants and prizes to fund the study of these subjects; it has also established a publications policy, by editing journals, monographs and several books, allowing the public the access to remarkable pieces of literature. Also, the organization has made a notable effort to the recovery of UFO archives which were at risk of being lost, as well to the development of a major specialized bibliography compilation and several other projects which are in progress on computerized databases for researchers to gain access to vast amounts of case information. Additionally, the Foundation has developed an Internet web site and it has been present in several conferences and events. Collaborators are always welcome and we seek donations either from the public and corporations, which are tax deductible in Spain.

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